"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek" Romans 1:16




BethEl Messianic Congregation and Ministries

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Igor Bagirov, Missionary and Pastor

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Dear Friend,

  Shalom and warmest greetings to you from our God the Father and the Lord Jesus the Messiah. Thank you very much for your partnership with us. Thank you very much for your support by prayers and financial giving. May your faith never be shaken and may God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God of Israel bless you abundantly.

 Summer is over and we are just ready for the Fall Feasts – Tishrei month Holidays. On September 29 (Elul 29-Tishrei 1), from sunset, we are going to begin celebrating the The Feast of Yom Teruah (Feast of Sounding of the Shofar or by Rabbinical tradition Rosh-Ha Shana- Jewish New 5780 Year), and ten days later, we will celebrate Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and finish with Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles). All these feasts have prophetic meaning regarding Rapture of the church, Tribulation, Repentance and salvation of Israel, and the return of the Messiah. The ancient rabbis held a similar view: “In the month of Nisan (at Passover), our ancestors were redeemed, and in Tishrei (Rosh Ha-Shana), they will be redeemed in the time to come”. Also they say:” And it is the ram’s horn that the Holy One, blessed be he, is destined to blow when the son of David , our righteous one, will reveal himself,  as  it said ‘And the Lord God will blow the horn’ “.

As usual, our congregation will celebrate feasts with other local Messianic congregations, and we will invite Jewish and not Jewish people to celebrate with us and of course, we will use those opportunities to witness to them about Messiah Yeshua.

 In the month of August, we witnessed by God’s grace to more than 500 people. In this letter we are going to share testimonies that happened in the previous months. In Seattle, we had an opportunity, with my friend, preach the Word in downtown. Usually, we use a big bus station. We stand across or in the station, and share Good News, distribute Bibles and pray for people. This time we were standing across the station and preaching. People were listening, and we did not have strong opposition. Even so, one man, a gay, stopped and asked Bible. Unfortunately, I did not have whole Bible in English, but we gave him New Testament. After short conversation, he gladly left. Praying, that the Word of Grace touches this young man.

 In Sea-Tac Airport, I met an Orthodox Jew by name M., and witnessed to him. He was listening about 5 minutes but rejected to accept literature. Another young Orthodox Jew, whom I met, was praying in the Airport. I was waiting when he finishes and witnessed. Unfortunately, he also denied accepting NT. At the same place I shared Gospel to 2 Homosexuals. They were sitting and kissing one another publicly. People were around, but nobody told them anything. I sat next to them and started conversation. A young one was listening. I was speaking about Jesus and His love. When I said that God commands to repent, an older one became angry and asked me to stop talking with them. But they received the witness. I also met a Spanish speaking lady, who was open to listen. My last person whom I tried to share Gospel in the Airport, was a drunk. I figured it little later. He was aggressive, and even tried to hit me, but God calmed him down by word, and I had an opportunity to continue share to him. Even he was drunk, he understood what I told him about the hope we have in Christ.

 In the airplane, I was sitting not far from a man, who was reading a newspaper. When I looked more in details, I saw that he was reading in Hebrew. I understood, that probably the man is Israeli. I was right. When we landed, I had an opportunity met him and share Gospel about Yeshua. He accepted a brochure “Hebrews search for the Blood”.

 My Lyft driver said that he is a main priest in Sikh Temple, in Cleveland area. God blessed to share also with him about Jesus. He gave me his address, and we already bought and sent him New Testament in Panjabi language.

 Thank you so much for your faithfulness, kindness, partnership, prayers and financial support. If Lord leads your hearts to start or continue help, please send your donations to: Bethel Messianic Congregation, P.O. Box 360165, Cleveland Ohio 44136. All donations are tax deductible.

  May the Lord-God of Israel richly bless you! Amen!  Happy Lord’s Holidays. Shalom.

In Christ our Redeemer Bethel and bro. Igor.

Please pray for the harvest of the Lord, and Happy Jewish, New Year! Shalom!


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