"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek" Romans 1:16



BethEl Russian Messianic Congregation and Ministries

P.O.Box 360165

Cleveland, Ohio 44136, USA.

Igor Bagirov, Missionary and Pastor

(440)532-1127; pastorigorbethel@yahoo.com

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Dear Friend in the Messiah,

 Shalom and warmest greetings to you. Thank you very much for your faithful support by your prayers and financial giving. It is a privilege for me to write you a letter about the work of the Beth-El. Thank you to be a co-laborers and partners together.

 One unknown author said, “For the days are dark and the work is great, and the time is slipping away, so whatever we think of doing for God we had better do it today.” I believe that Jesus is coming very soon. Maybe for us it is the last opportunity to share the good news to the people around. I believe, the best blessing that we can give to the people is to let them know about Jesus as a Redeemer and only the way to be saved because without Jesus, there is no salvation.

In the last month of September, God blessed us to witness to more than 1000 people in few states.

It’s always joy when we could share wonderful News to others and wish to them to be saved in our Lord Jesus who is only the way to the heaven.

We pray, that our ministry could have every Year a new State where we could start a missionary work. In Tulsa, OK we had an opportunity to have a one day outreach with our brothers from local churches. I visited Tulsa for the first time. First, we went to a Flea Market in a very poor area. Most people we met there, were Spanish speaking Mexicans. We witnessed, people were open to hear and accepted New Testaments. One Arabic man, from Jordan, accepted NT. But we had a problem. An owner of the Flea Market called security. He and security were very aggressive, and we learned that this place is a private, and we must to leave. We checked it with Police, and they confirmed that it’s a Private place. We left, but we saw hate against Christ by them, who threatened me with arrest, and even showed handcuffs to me. May Lord give them mercy of repentance. After that we chose to drive to Downtown area. It was small place, but they had a “Chile Festival” there. So….we met a lot of people, and God blessed us by some conversations. Even one Police officer said to me: “Thank you for coming and preaching Gospel in my city”. It was great blessings for us to hear it from a police officer.  I responded: “Praise God! It’s blessing for us to be a part of God’s great work on this Earth to share Good News of Salvation”. We also distributed Bibles. Soon, we saw an Antifa Protesters…they had a lot of posters, and they screamed against our country and President. They were followed by another group of Bikers, who had posters supporting Trump and they screamed: ”USA…USA”… God willing, we will return back to this city next Year. Please pray.

In Minneapolis, which has a Third office of LGBT in America, we had a day of outreach. We publicly shared Gospel in Downtown area. Everything went good, except some people were angry, screamed and said bad words at us. A police officer, while we were preaching, was standing very close to us, and some people were afraid to harm us. A complaint came from an owner of Jewelry store, which was close to the place we were sharing. He asked police officer to stop our ministry. But the officer told him that we have a right by First Amendment of Free Speech. We were continuing. Two New Testaments were given to 2 young men, who were under drug influence, but had a desire to receive Word of God.

In Cleveland, I met a young Muslim woman, and she accepted New Testament in Arabic. Praise God!

  If God leads you to start or continue to help us financially, please send your donations to the Beth-El Messianic Congregation, P.O Box 360165, Cleveland, OH 44136. All donations are tax deductible. Please pray that God touches hearts of brothers and sisters, that they may charitably give, and we have enough finances for each month to operate as a ministry. Thank you for your Partnership!

With Love in the Messiah Yeshua  , Bethel Messianic Ministries and brother Igor.


Bethel and bro. Igor. Shalom!



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