"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek" Romans 1:16


BethEl Russian Messianic Congregation and Ministries
P.O.Box 360165
Cleveland, Ohio 44136, USA.
Igor Bagirov, Missionary and Pastor
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Dear Friend in the Messiah!

Shalom and Warmest greetings to you in The Name of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus-The Messiah! I hope this letter will find you well. Thank you very much for all your help by supporting our Russian Messianic missionary ministries.
Your faithful prayers and faithful financial support are much appreciated. May all blessings from the Lord-God of Israel YESHUA will be upon you. Amen!
In the month of September we witnessed and distributed Bibles and other gospel literature to several hundred people in Atlanta GA and San Francisco CA areas.
In Minneapolis, MN we were witnessing in downtown area. I met an African-American person, who started to cry after our prayer on him. He accepted NT. Another person told us that she is a “christian”, but supports gay relationship. I responded that true Christians cannot support gay relationship because homosexuality is a sin. While I was witnessing to this person, a young gay who heard my conversation, became very angry and started to say f-words at me. Another group of homosexuals and lesbians were provoking us by imitating sexual acts and some other things. Minneapolis is a very gay active city and we need to pray that more evangelism would be there.
In King of Prussia mall, PA I met 4 Muslims men from Azerbaijan. All of them were open to listen, and accepted 4 NT. A person from India and 2 people from Israel rejected to hear and have Bibles. Outside from the mall, in a parking lot, an Arabic family accepted Gospel of John in Arabic.
In Philadelphia PA, at Bell’s market place we met people from Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, Albania, India, Nepal, and China, some Arabic countries, and sure lot of Russian speaking Jews. All of them received witness about Jesus. Some were open, but most were not. A Russian Jewish family told me that they don’t need to believe in “dead Jew” who is Jesus. I said that yes, Jesus died, but gave his life for our sins, and He is risen for our salvation.  I offered them NT that they could read about it, but they responded that their arms going to dry if they are going to touch the book. Very sad! Especially that they are Jews. But it did not surprise me. Already for more than 16 years we share Gospel to the Jew first and see different things.
 An orthodox Jew complained at us to the market management. He did not like that we were standing there and witnessing about Yeshua. But the management allowed us to continue witness.
Some Scriptures and other Christian literature in different languages were distributed as well.
In Cincinnati Oh, I met an Afghanistan Muslim. He accepted NT.
In Toronto Canada, during visitation of my friends, in elevator, I met a couple who used to live in Israel. I had just one minute, but God blessed, and the couple accepted Holy Scriptures. While I was driving, at a light stop, I saw a lady who were waiting her bus. I opened car window and told her that I have a wonderful news for her. Again, I had just few minutes, and Lord touched her hurt. I said that Jesus loves her and I have a Bible for her. She said that she’ll be glad to have it. I turned and stop. I learned that the lady is from Iran and she is Muslim. I witness and gave her Bible. She took it. Please pray for her. Another woman from Israel I met in Toronto accepted NT as well. Also a young woman from India accepted NT in Kitchener Ontario.
Thank you again for your partnership, my dear brothers and sisters.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support that we could to do God’s will.
Our financial support dropped down since beginning of 2017.
Please pray that we’ll have enough finances to continue. Please continue to help us.
If God leads you to start or continue to help us financially please send your donations to:
Bethel Messianic Congregation, P.O. Box 360165, Cleveland Ohio 44136.
All donations are Tax deductible and you’ll get receipt for it.
Thank you for your special prayers for my family.
May god of Israel richly bless all of you!
Numbers 6:24-26.
In Christ bro.Igor


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