"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek" Romans 1:16


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Cleveland, Ohio 44136, USA.

Igor B. Missionary and Pastor

 Dear Friend in the Messiah,

 Shalom and warmest greetings to you. Thank you very much for your faithful support by your prayers and financial giving. It is a privilege for me to write you a letter about the work of the Beth-El. Thank you to be a co-laborers and partners together.

As the world is continuing fighting against “Corona”, and we see lot of unrest and riots in our beautiful America, and see a situation in Israel according Prophecies. We understand that we are very close to our Lord   Yeshua’s  return… It’s End Times! I want to encourage you to continue be Faithfull and Holy, trusting in the Lord, by remembering Promises of God.

Thank you very much for your prayer and financial support, especially on this time trials, when our ministry struggles a lot.

One unknown author said, “For the days are dark and the work is great, and the time is slipping away, so whatever we think of doing for God we had better do it today.” I believe that Jesus is coming very soon. Maybe for us it is the last opportunity to share the good news to the people around. I believe, the best blessing that we can give to the people is to let them know about Jesus as a Redeemer and only the way to be saved because without Jesus, there is no salvation.

In the month of June God blessed us to witness to more than 1000 people in Ohio, Florida, and Oklahoma. In this letter I will share about previous outreaches as well.

In Seattle, where we see today a lot of protests, we went to a Westlake area. We tried to witness at Alky Beach, but because of a heavy rain, it didn’t happen. There, at Westlake, few weeks before, was shouting and a woman was killed. So, we saw lot of police officers who were standing almost on every corners. We started preaching by reminding people from John 3:16. Offered Bibles and prayers. Some people accepted, but some not, and responded in different ways. Some were open, but other very angry by cursing us and saying bad words. Met a woman, who told us that her boyfriend tried to kill her recently. We had good conversation with her and after prayed together. Usually we use for witnessing a bus station at Westlake Seattle, where many people are awaiting their buses. At the end of outreach, I met two people. One was from India, and other Kurdish man from Kuwait. Both were Muslims. God blessed us, especially with Kurdish. He asked lot of questions, and accepted NT in Arabic. Also, he allowed us to pray for him in the Name of Lord Jesus. Praise God!

In Portland, with our new friends, we went to Pioneer Square. Portland is the most aggressive city in our ministry, where most violation we have. This time we combined preaching and singing. It worked very well. Distributed lot of Christian literature. As always there, we had lot of opposition with very angry people. Today Portland is a witchcraft capital. We met lot of Satanist. This time a possessed young woman stopped, when she saw me sharing Gospel. She started screaming and calling devil…When we spoke about homosexual sin, some gay people provoked us by kissing themselves next to me.

Met a Jewish Family. After witnessing to them about Yeshua they say:” Thank you”. But it our privilege to witness about the Messiah and Glory and Praise only to God of Israel!

Still continuing use “drive through window” witnessing. God blesses us in this new way because “Corona”, and it works. Distributing a few NT by this opportunity.

Another Jewish person I met in an Airport, was from Hassidic movement. He decided to have a conversation with me about the Messiah and Prophecies. His children and wife also were listening. After long dialog, even the man disagreed, he said: “Thank you anyway that you stopped and told us about your faith that Yeshua is the Messiah”. I pray that seeds we all sawed will bring lot of fruits. But our goal is to continue witness as a period of Grace did not terminate yet…but soon…

Maran Ata!

Thank you for your faithfulness and partnership. Thank you for your prayers for my family. Please continue pray for my son Daniel. There is not changes in his condition.

Pray for Israel and for the peace of Yerushalaim (Psalm 122:6).

 If Lord leads you to start or continue help our ministry financially please send your donations to: Bethel Messianic Congregation, P.O.Box 360165, Cleveland Ohio 44136. All donations are tax deductible. The support needs to be increase and stabilized. Thank you very much.

May God of Abraham richly bless you all!

Numbers 6:24-27! Amen!

Shalom in Adonai Lord Yeshua…. With love in the Messiah, bro.Igor.




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