"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek" Romans 1:16

Bethel Russian Messianic Congregation and Ministries
P.O.Box 360165 Cleveland, Ohio 44136, USA.
Igor Bagirov, Missionary and Pastor (440) 532-1127

 Dear Friend in the Lord Yeshua the Messiah,  
Warmest greetings to you in Emmanuel’s Precious and Exalted name! (Psalm 57:5 and 11).

 I pray that you are well and that this letter will be a great blessing to you. I thank God for each friend who is sacrificially giving and remembering this work of the Lord in their prayers. I thank God for your fellowship in the Gospel, and I praise Him for your help in showing the Jews and non-Jews the love of the Messiah. We know our service of love to Him among the Jewish People is pleasing to the Lord. (Mark 14:6c; Genesis 12:3), and we know that our labor is not  in vain. In the Lord, we hope to continue with you and some new brothers and sisters  to partnering and have fellowship together also in this New, 2018 Year.

 We are in the last days before the Lord’s return. We know this from the signs of the times. The Lord Jesus is preparing the Jew for the time when He shall be revealed at His Second Coming to this people and out from the Jews to the Nations. It is the privilege of each believer on the Lord Jesus the Messiah to now have a vital part in supporting the faithful sowing of the Word of God among this people. Israel shall come to know the Lord Yeshua the Messiah through the faithful sowing of His Word.

This sowing of the Word of God among the Jews with our prayers is linked to the prophecy:
 “But ye shall be named the priests of the Lord: men shall call you ministers of our God” (Isaiah 61:6a). Israel shall minister the Messiah to the Nations, showing Christ and his glory to the Gentiles. (Isaiah 59:20-60:3; 66:19).

 I want personally to thank you for all encouragements and for standing with me to
bring the Gospel to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and for everyone.

In the last month, December, we were blessed to witness to more than 500 people.
Most of them we met in Cleveland OH, Chicago IL, and Philadelphia, PA. God willing,
I will write more about this outreaches in my next prayer letter.
In this letter I will write about our previous witnesses.

In San Francisco, CA I went to a Russian speaking area for witness.
We met a lot of Jewish people, and shared Gospel with them.
A Jewish elder family who used to live in Israel, stopped to have a conversation.
 I recognized them because I met them several times in the last few years.
They were listening, asked questions, but at the end called me crazy.
I responded that I am not crazy, but most healthy person, because God healed my soul and His Name is Yeshua. A Jewish woman there open to accept NT in Russian for reading. She was open, and we are praying that God touches her heart to believe on Him. After that we went to a closest bus station and witnessed there. Shortly we drove to a Pier 39 area when the city had a military parade of jets and ships. There I was preaching publicly. We had a strong opposition from people. Even elder women showed us middle fingers and used bad words.
A middle age man physically attacked us for sharing Good News. Somebody called police, but we chose do not wait and left. San Francisco is like Sodom and Gomorra today,
and the judgment of Holy God of Israel will occur there very soon, that’s why we need to witness there even more than before.
Our next step was gulf side walk area where we met more than
10 Russian speaking Jewish people.
One woman, who was more than 70 years old, told me that somebody told
her before that Jesus was a regular Jewish man in history. I witnessed to her about
Jesus as a promised Messiah and Lord, and the Savior. After that I asked the woman
if she had an opportunity to read Bible. Her answer shocked me.
She said that she never hold Bible in her hands, not Old or New Testaments. I said that today she will have it and offered her the Scriptures.
She accepted to read and know the Messiah. Praise God!
During our way back to Sacramento, we stopped few times at light signals
 where I saw groups of school students.
I used this moments to share Gospel to them.
Some teenagers, when they heard name of Jesus, started to hail Satan.  

Next day was in San Jose CA.  We invited Jewish people for the special event in a park.
More than 30 Jewish people came. Some of them already attend a new Russian Congregation,
which was planted few years ago by grace of the Lord and work of my friends.
But most of them were unbelievers. We cooked very good meal, God provided, and had a beautiful time of gathering together to meet each other.  
The most important part was when I had an opportunity to preach
 about promised Messiah of Israel Yeshua.
 They were very interested about the topic and asked us questions and received answers.
During my flight back to home, I met a young American who accepted Word of God.
With a catholic person I had a conversation, and a Muslim man from Pakistan accepted
NT after I shared Gospel to him.

  We wish and still to continue work in Cleveland streets, our home base.
It’s always very hard to witness to Jewish people, especially Russian speaking in Cleveland Ohio.
Please continue pray for us and the work. It’s still a lot of work which should be done in Cleveland, Oh among Russian speaking people. Here, in USA, we have very few Russian speaking messianic ministries who reach people according Romans 1:16, and I don’t know any other in Ohio.
Please pray for me, my family and the ministry.
My son Daniel is very ill. He needs your faithful prayers.  

We also need an extra financial support for the New 2018 Year. please send your donation to:  Bethel Messianic Congregation, P.O. Box 360165, Cleveland Ohio 44136.  All donations are Tax deductible. Tax receipts for 2017, you’ll receive,
God willing, with this or next prayer letter by February 15, 2018 or before.

May God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel richly bless you.
Shalom and Thank you for your partnership with us! Happy New, 2018 Year.
In The Messiah, Bethel ministries and bro. Igor.  

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