"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek" Romans 1:16

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Igor B., Pastor and Missionary.

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Dear brothers and sisters,

Shalom and warmest greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior YESHUA the Messiah. Thank you very much for all your support by prayers and faithful financial help. I pray that God will bless all of us to continue partnership together. Thank you very much for being co-laborers with Lord’s ministry. May the God richly and abundantly bless you as He promised in Genesis 12:3 and in the Psalms 122:6.

On February 26, from sunset, we are going to start to celebrate a great holiday – Purim, (Fast of Esther will be on February 25).  I want to speak about this holiday in a short way of how it connects with the Messiah, with Israel and all of us. The Purim did not command from the Lord to celebrate as other necessary Feasts (Lev.23). Purim is a more national holiday. Book of Esther talks about this, and constantly of this holiday was important for the Messiahs coming, because on this time G-D saved Jewish people from total destruction. Purim received its name from the Persian word Purr (the lot) whom Amman threw away to find a date for the destruction of Israel. If not The Lord, Israel would not live. But “He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalms 121:4). The Lord himself has the swearing of Amalek, his descendants and all of the anti-Semites. “Because the Lord hath sworn that the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation” (Exodus 17:16). When Amman lifted his hand to Israel, he lifted it against the God of Israel. We understand, who used Amman. Devil wanted to use him to destroy God’s people that the Messiah would never come and God’s plan for salvation would not happen. The Lord on his almighty used a Jewish Girl to destroy Amman. Her name was Ester (Hadassah). Ester risked her life to enter before the king and save her people. “My maidens and I will fast likewise; and so will I go in unto the king which is not according to the law: and if I perish, I perish!” (Esther 4:16b) Here we see the high spirit and her love to her people. Powerful Amman was slain by the girl, because who raises his hand to Israel that it concerns the pupil of the eye of the G-d himself. For thus says the Lord of hosts: “After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye” (Zechariah 2:8). It is also a warning for all people who hate Jews. This is the short story of the Purim. It’s coming time when antichrist's going to try  exterminate all Israel as a nation when God will judge his own people -Israel, and will bring them by his mercy to repent and salvation in Yeshua our Savior! Pray for this glorious day on the Earth! 

In the last month, God blessed us by His grace to witness to more than 1000 people. We had outreaches in Cleveland OH, Sacramento CA, Orlando, Palm Coast, Saint Petersburg and Venice Florida. As always, in each letter, we share testimonies from previous trips.

In Portland, OR, which became a capital of Witchcraft and Antifa, we witnessed at the Pioneer Square.  At the entrance to Downtown we saw a big poster: “Bring Blue Back”. It was for a reason, because within almost 3 hours I did not see police on the streets. We preach in Portland for many years and know that the city is the toughest city to share Gospel and the most aggressive. Like always they had different groups of gays, antifa, anarchists, and many teenagers. We recognized few, because some of them physically abused us and attacked before. But we witnessed to them and they listened. Also, many other people were angry, screamed at us, showed “middle fingers” … We met 2 homeless, and offered them Bibles. They told us that they already have, but its hard to read for them because of King James Version. Our Ministry distributes only King James, but I offered them NIV, which I told, we will buy and send to them. Their respond was fast. They said that they are homeless without address. We decided to meet them tomorrow, so we could buy Bibles, and give them. Next day, around 5 pm, we came. We didn’t find parking, but decided to wait for them where we met them yesterday.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t wait long in the car, and decided drive around and see if homeless will be there. We started to drive around, and at the red stop -I put my attention on the one person who almost hit our car while he was crossing the street. It was a man, but in woman clothing. We continue driving, stopped again, waiting for homeless. But they did not show, and we needed go around for the second time. We also saw the same man. We did it third and fourth times, and again and again saw the man. I said to my coworker that God showing us something, and that already 4 times we see this man. Also, homeless did not come, and we decided to follow the man dressed like a woman. So, we started follow him and at a corner we stopped. I opened a window, and the person came to our car. He asked if we need help. I said not, but we have something to tell him. This man was a gay, but when we shared Gospel he was very interested to listen, asked couple questions and accepted NT. Praise God for this! We need just pray for people and wish them salvation. Also, at a rehabilitation center we met a person who accepted NT.

In an airplane, on my way back home, I met a lesbian, witnessed and she accepted NT. When I landed, I figured out that somebody took my bag. I was searching and couldn’t find. A steward told me that I must to run to catch the person. I was running, praying and asking Lord to help me. In the bag were all my paperwork with a passport, and all my items. I knew that the man who took by mistake my bag, when will figure out, going contact police and they will find me. But it will take time and stresses. After while I saw the person who was carry my bag. I stopped him and said that this is my item. He told me that he has the same bag. We opened and he saw that there were my items. He said very sorry, but we needed to go back to report. While we were walking, I looked at him. He had curly hair and…Big Nose. I said in my heart that he is Jewish!  I was right. He was. I told him that something important happened. God did this on purpose that by mistake he grabbed my bag. He asked why? And I said that because I have good Jewish news for him. I shared Gospel and Lord touched the heart of the man and he accepted NT. I know that God doesn’t have accidents. Everything is for a purpose. And it’s encourages a lot, especially on this End Times we live.

 Thank you very much for your faithfulness and partnership, prayers and support.

May Lord- God of Israel, richly bless you and yours.

Shalom in Yeshua our Redeemer and Savior, bro. Igor

Happy Purim!

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