"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek" Romans 1:16

BethEl Russian Messianic Ministries

P.O. Box 360165

     Cleveland, Ohio 44136, USA.

    Igor Bagirov, Missionary and Pastor


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Dear Friend in the Messiah,

Shalom and Warmest greetings to you in Yeshua our Redeemer.

I hope this letter will find you well. Thank you very much for all your help by prayer fellowship at the Throne of Grace and financial supporting of our ministry. Your help is greatly valued and is helping because of the Power and efficacy of His Precious Blood!

Psalm 133:1 says: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together in unity!"(KJV).  When you help the work of this ministry, you go with us to every street, house, Hospital. You are going to witnessing and taking the Word of God to the thousand Russian speaking Jewish and non-Jewish people in our city, Israelites, Muslims and others. Lord values your faithfulness. Everyone will have their reward. God promised this through Abraham in Genesis 12:3. Faithful over a little will be set over much. If you took a plough to your hand you shouldn’t watch back. We will plow and sow this field with faith. We believe that we will have a good harvest.  The flood of the Holy Spirit spreads around this land and cleanses it. We are called to do everything for the Lord. We believe, that purity and holiness will be as a part of our born again life in the Messiah. Thank you very much whom faithfully remember us.

  In January, we witnessed by the grace of the Lord, to more than 500 people in Sacramento CA, Portland OR, and in Cleveland OH.

In Minneapolis, MN we went to downtown area to share God’s Word. We had an opportunity to distribute 2 NT’s for two persons from India, and 1 NT in Arabic to a man from Syria. A lot of evangelical brochures were given as well. In Minneapolis we saw the same factor as in other cities. When we started talk about homosexuality as a sin, the aggression of the people increased. I also heard that Minneapolis has the third office of LGBT in America.

In Seattle, WA we went to witness in Tacoma mall. We met four Pashtun Muslims from Afghanistan. Two of them just recently moved to USA. They were open and accepted 2 NT’s. Several Israelites whom we met also were open to accept NT’s. A Jewish woman from Brazil, and one Ethiopian Jew got the Word of Grace.

Next, we went to Seattle Westlake Center in downtown. We preached and read Bible publicly. Some people behaved aggressive, and tried to interrupt us by clapping hands. We did not get any attention and continued share Gospel. After a while a man came to me. He asked me if I am a catholic person. I answered that I am an evangelical.  After that I told him that Bible says that if we want to become Christians and be saved we have to be born again. The man responded that he already was born, and believes that he also is older than me. (Do you remember about conversation of Lord Jesus with Nikodimus in John 3)? I said to this man the same as it is written that he must to be born from water and spirit, and change style of his life. After that he left.

In Spokane, WA with a sister church we had a ministry in a Shelter place to serve and feed homeless people. We also tried to share Gospel in a Nursing Home, but their “chaplain” told us that we could come, but can’t mention Jesus. Wow! It did not surprised us, but to hear it from chaplain? Yes, he is not chaplain, but “chaplain” of this sin harlot world!

Lord blessed us in the shelter. Even we had an issue there too. We started from singing Christian songs, and I took time to preach Good News. After few minutes I was stopped by the administration of the place. They told us that we could sing and feed homeless, but do not tell them about Jesus. We said that we got a permission to speak about Jesus as well, but the administration said that we have to leave. We fed the homeless, and chose to leave the building, and continued share outside. Holy Spirit gave us power. More than 50 people outside were listening about Lord Jesus. We also sang, and gave people food. It was so blessed time. People were open for Gospel. Only one person was aggressive in the beginning by throwing at me candies we gave him. But eventually he decided to kiss me. I saw three young people who were walking. I came to them and reminded that Jesus loves them. I offered them 3 NT’s, but they said that they are in hurry and don’t have time. I was waiting 2 minutes, took 3 Bibles, and chose to run after them. I stopped one person from the group and again reminded about God’s love and offered Bibles. The man was looking on me, and said:” You even don’t know what you have done for us. It’s opened my heart. We will take Bibles”. I responded that I did not do anything, it’s Lord Jesus, and it’s His Love! Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers and partnership.  All from my family are very appreciative for your prayers.  Please continue to pray so that God will send more faithful supporters to our ministry. If you have an opportunity to help us by prayers and finances please help so that we could continue to reach people for the Messiah Lord Yeshua. Our donations for January were very law and were not enough to operate as a ministry.

If God leads your hearts to start or continue to support us, please send your donations to Beth-El Messianic Congregation and Ministries, P.O. Box 360165, Cleveland, OH, 44136. All donations are tax deductible.

 Maran Ata! Shalom in Yeshua, Beth-El Messianic Co


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