"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also for the Greek." Romans 1:16 .... "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee." Psalm 122:6 ... "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." Genesis 12:3 ... "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16


A Welcome from Pastor Igor Bagirov


Welcome to The Beth-El Messianic Website!  I'm so glad you found us!

Perhaps it would be helpful to begin with a few things about my family and me.


God has called me, Igor Bagirov and my wife, Tatiana, for missionary work

among the Russian Jews on the East side of Cleveland.

We have four children -- Anbar, Emmanuel, Daniel and Rafael. 


We are former citizens of the Soviet Union. 

We immigrated to Israel, where we lived for three years before moving to Canada.

                   My family and I came to the United States from Canada.  

In Canada, we met some Christian friends, who shared with us

                   the Good News.  God touched our hearts and we received Christ as our personal Savior.


A great population of Russian Immigrants (about 30,000) mostly Jews, are located on the East side of Cleveland.     My wife, Tatiana, and I have a goal to reach the Russian speaking Jewish Community

While the mission was established to reach the Jewish Community,  we are trying to reach all Russian speaking people -- Jewish, Muslim and others.


The Beth-El Messianic Congregation has a goal to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ

among the Russian Speaking Community.


I encourage you to visit the pages of this website.  You will discover "Who we are". 

I want to personally invite you to join us on Saturday for Bible Study, Worship and Fellowship 



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